Managed IT Services

With managed IT, we’ll take care of all the technology issues that are important to running a successful company.

About the service

A managed service is any task handled by a third party, frequently in the context of business IT services. Managed services are a way to offload general tasks to an expert, in order to reduce costs, improve service quality, or free internal teams to do work that's specific to your business. Some examples include:

  1. Networks and Infrastructure
  2. Security
  3. Support Services
  4. Print Services
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  6. Cloud Infrastructure
  7. Wireless and Mobile Computing
  8. Communication Services
  9. Data Analytics

Does your business really need managed IT?

Beyond specialized services, it’s also possible to implement support via staff services. IT support is an especially critical area, as problems of varying severity occur every day. However, it may not be possible to address all of them with your current staff model, or existing solutions lack long-term stability.

Here’s where managed IT support services step in. Similar to the types of managed services we previously mentioned, IT support services are implemented through a third-party provider. However, the difference is that this type of outsourcing is at the staff level.

What’s included

If your organization is interested in investing in a managed provider, it’s essential to establish criteria for what you need. Understanding what makes a third-party provider a trusted source is critical. No one wants to adopt a long-term plan for essential elements of their business operations and come up short in the end.

Here are some characteristics of top-performing managed providers:

  • Responsive: A quality MSP will provide critical support well within a 24-hour framework. The faster, the better.
  • Service Level Agreement Pricing: Every business has different resources and needs. That’s why a trustworthy provider will often offer flexible pricing models.
  • Security: An MSP handling any kind of information must have robust security measures and responses to combat data loss.
  • Backup Recovery Options: Downtime is always a possibility. If you experience downtime, you need to know your information is safe in times of crisis.
  • Various Options: Many reliable MSPs will cover a range of services, meaning you can meet multiple needs all in one place.
  • Accessibility: You should have access to your information from any secure point, whether the office or a mobile device.

How we can help you

We love working with clients and helping to create customized solutions that have a direct impact on their daily life. Before we speak, though, you should have a good understanding of how our service can better help you. Check out some of the benefits listed below to see if what we offer aligns with your needs.

Cost savings

Hiring an in-house IT department is expensive and can drain your budget quickly.

Outsourcing to Yellowstone Computing on an as needed basis will save you money, while also allocating your budget funds to where the best return on investment occurs for your company's needs.


Our team of experts is available to help you overcome any challenges with your IT.

When it comes time for a change or if something new happens in the industry, we’ll be ready!

Flexible scalability

The demand for IT services is constantly growing, but adding more employees and equipment can be difficult.

That's where managed solutions come in handy- they meet your needs as you change them without the hassle!

Reliable uptime

You can stop worrying about your equipment's reliability and start focusing on the work you need to get done. We currently track our client's uptime at better than 99% which means you can feel confident your data will be able to be accessed whenever you need it.

If something does go wrong, we’ll be there quickly to ensure you're getting your data to where you need it.

Preventative monitoring

Monitored IT is the best way to ensure your data isn't lost because of a major issue. It catches any problems before they become too big and knocks them out, giving you peace of mind so that no matter what happens in the business or technology world at large your company will stay afloat.

Always stay compliant

Meaningful data management is essential for maintaining compliance with government regulations.

Our monitored services provide the security you need to avoid penalties, so your company can focus on what really matters - growing.