Computer Sales

We offer computer sales in desktops, laptops, monitors and all the necessary peripherals to go with them.


We offer premium computers for personal and business use based on what your specific needs are. Our primary hardware brand is Lenovo with software provided by Windows.

  • Quality computers that fit a wide range of budgets
  • Professional and knowledgeable salespeople to help answer any and all questions
  • Great customer service focused on your needs and knowledge-level
  • Product experts to make sure you get the right computer for your needs

What's involved in buying a new computer?

Buying a computer can feel intimidating for many people; especially when terms like RAM, SSD, and Memory get tossed around. That's why we created our custom information card. On this card, you'll find all of the technical specifications, but you'll also get a clear understanding of what type of person this specific computer is ideal for.

  • We offer a simple, customized experience while making the daunting task of buying a new computer easy
  • All technical specifications are displayed in an easy-to-read chart that's not too overwhelming
  • The card also has descriptions about how this product is perfect for XYZ customer

What’s included

When shopping at Yellowstone Computing for a new computer, we consider many factors before determining what your "right fit" is such as:

  • Device type - Is a laptop ideal for you or will a more powerful desktop be a better fit?
  • Processor - If this feels like jargon, then don't worry. Essentially we will ask you what type of work you need to conduct on the computer as well as programs that you typically use. All of this will help determine the processor needs your workflow requires.
  • RAM - This component will help keep your computer running fast based on how many programs you have running at one time.
  • Hard drive size - We can help you determine if your files can be stored in the cloud or if local file management is right for you.
  • Peripherals - Understanding what type of mouse, keyboard, etc. is ideal for your workspace is more important than you might think.
  • Use case- If you need a computer to work on text documents and spreadsheets, then your needs will vary wildly from someone that games online. Don't worry as we can help you determine your use case requirements.

How we can help you

We love working with clients and helping to create customized solutions that have a direct impact on their daily life. Before we speak, though, you should have a good understanding of how our service can better help you. Check out some of the benefits listed below to see if what we offer aligns with your needs.

Professional Advice

It is no secret that Yellowstone Computing has the most knowledgeable staff of computer professionals in the area.

We can help you with any concern or question, and if our services don't fit what your needs may be then there's always free consultations where one on one attention will get ideas flowing for custom solutions tailored just to YOU!

Test Drives

When you walk into our storefront, we'll show how your new computer can do things that might surprise even the most seasoned tech-savvy user.

We will demonstrate some of its hidden talents and answer any questions about what makes this machine unique from other laptops on market today!

Value > Lowest Prices

The internet is a great place to purchase goods, but it can also be tricky. Online vendors are famous for offering the lowest prices around - at least that's what they will tell you.

At Yellowstone Computing, we periodically run special sales as well as custom maintenance packages that contain more value than you thought possible.

Online retailers have their benefits, but buying a computer you know is great for you and working with a local partner often means there is value that is worth far more.

Power Built Around Your Workflow

If you’re looking to buy a new computer, make sure the one you choose can handle your specific needs and not just any old model.

Whether it's for gaming or professional work, a Yellowstone Computing professional will ensure that you're getting the right device, built with the right components, at the right price.

Rapid Service

What’s your time worth? Most people don't want to wait days (or weeks with current shipping delays) for a needed computer. Not to mention, what if there is an out-of-the box failure that necessitates a device return. Now you're stuck even longer without something you needed weeks ago.

Well good news! There is one way around this problem: buying from Yellowstone Computing. We will have your new device ready within hours, if not sooner, for you to take home or to the office to get your important work completed.