Computer Repair and Service

Our team is trained to get your system up and running again in record time with minimal fuss or hassle for you.

About the service

Computer repair, or PC repair, is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems.

Computer repair is handled by a specialized computer repair technician. Typically, a hardware fault requires the physical review of a computer and testing for abnormalities. Suspected components, such as random access memory (RAM), hard disk, power supply or optical drive may be individually checked, troubleshooted or replaced if an error is detected. This usually requires special equipment and accessories to disassemble and reassemble the computer.

Software-based computer repair issues are generally related to operating system (OS) configuration or updates, installed applications, viruses and other software services. Similarly, computer repair for network/Internet issues allow a computer to completely utilize available and network services.

What’s included

Some of the most common types of PC repair and maintenance services include:

  1. Computer development
  2. Re-location and setup
  3. Virus and spyware removal & malicious software prevention
  4. Network design & configuration
  5. Computer peripheral installation
  6. Configuration and networking including printers
  7. Hardware installations and upgrading memory, hard drives, SSDs, video cards, and disk drives

Online support and remote services

The main types of services for online support and remote services include:

  1. Locating and removing viruses and other malicious software from the system
  2. Turning up a personal computer
  3. Helping it to start and function faster
  4. Configuring and repairing email access clients such as Outlook and their associate data files
  5. configuring external devices such as printers, scanners, and external storage drives

How we can help you

We love working with clients and helping to create customized solutions that have a direct impact on their daily life. Before we speak, though, you should have a good understanding of how our service can better help you. Check out some of the benefits listed below to see if what we offer aligns with your needs.


Many individuals avoid contacting professionals to handle their computer repairs. However, that should not be the case. You need to contact Yellowstone Computing immediately when your computer begins acting up.

Do you know the cost of DIY may end up costing you more if you repair wrongly? Chances are you might perform a wrong installation, misplace something or further damage the computer. To avoid going down this disastrous lane, always contact a professional to handle all your computer repairs.

Manage data loss

Data backup is very crucial; that’s why people are investing in cloud data storage. However, people may fail to store their data and then will be afraid it might all get lost.

By contacting a computer repair expert, you stand a chance to retrieve your lost data. They know what to do and how to back up data or ensure data is safe before beginning the repairing process.


It’s vital that you only contact professional computer repairers instead of amateurs. Do you hold experience in computer repairing? This question might get you some experienced handlers. They are in a better position to point out where the problem lies.

Check for online reviews or ask for a referral from friends and family. It’s a way to know which professional has a positive reputation. It’s also an assurance that your computer is in safe hands and will get handled properly.

Warranty terms

Many computer manufacturers require experts to service your laptop once it experiences any problem. If you fail to take the laptop to an expert, then the warranty is void. When your computer or any other smart device is experiencing problems, you must work with a licensed professional.

Always check on the warranty as to its requirements, especially when a computer experiences problems before the expiry of the warranty period. You stand a chance to get a free repair. In some instances, the fault could be the manufacturer’s, thus one can get compensation in the form of a new device.

Annual maintenance arrangement terms

It’s good to contact a professional who offers maintenance contracts. The contracts are beneficial as they enable one to have a routine computer check. Thus, one has a working laptop or computer that’s in great shape.

With a routine maintenance check, the computer repair expert can pinpoint problems at preliminary stages. In the end, one has minimal expenses associated with significant breakdowns.  

When it comes to seeking tech solutions services never settle for anything less than stellar. Top-notch services will guarantee you a computer in excellent condition.