Faith Evangelical Free Church

An evolving project with one of our loyal clients has turned a business relationship into strong friendships.

Matt Miklasz
Stanley, WI
Project Start Date

Services Used

As with most churches, the congregation was volunteering their experience and knowledge to help advance the church while keeping costs as low as possible. However, there is always a point where businesses and organizations experience growth beyond their skill set. Faith Evangelical Free Church in Stanley followed this familiar path.

Project Needs

This project has evolved organically over time from our first interaction in 2014. At that point, we serviced that account on a Break/Fix status meaning we only serviced them during a singular issue, or breakage.

Phase 1

After trust had been built and value realized over time, our involvement advanced to include multiple services. There is always budgetary concerns for houses of worship which we were happy to accommodate with an analysis of needed equipment and services.

The rollout of these services over time allowed for the church to absorb the costs of professional work on a pace that matched their congregations capabilities and needs.

Working within the sanctuary on custom workstations connecting audio/visual equipment with camera systems recording the Sunday sermons.

Phase 2

We began our next phase with targeted add-ons that provided a high return on their investment while simultaneously addressing their most pressing needs.

First came new desktop and laptop workstations followed shortly thereafter by needed network and wifi improvements. This new system also allowed for our maintenance and service contract ensuring the staff could focus on church matters and not sporadic system mishaps. Additionally, we incorporated productivity software such as Microsoft 365 to help congeal their email and document software.

Office computer systems connected to the in-house network and new security cameras.

Phase 3

Recently, due to security and monitoring needs, a robust security camera system was installed to help monitor the building as well as children and the sanctuary. The cameras can monitored both internally as well as remotely providing an early detection system for potential threats to the building and its patrons.

Project Summary

All told, Faith Evangelical Free Church is one of our most loyal clients that we have fully integrated with in regards to our complete business service package.

Pastor Matt Miklasz & Owner of Yellostone Computing: Joe Smoczyk