Boss Level: Keeping Your Gaming PCs at Their Best

Video gaming is an entertainment for all ages, but before you take on the challenge, you should ensure you're ready to beat the boss.

Joseph Smoczyk
July 11, 2024

Video gaming is an entertainment for all ages. The main demographic is 18–34 years, but those 34–54 are another big segment – even larger than the under-18 group – although the youngest group may spend the most hours gaming, especially during a pandemic. Regardless, PC gamers of any age want the most powerful, fastest computer they can get.

Why you need to upgrade

It’s difficult to beat the Boss Level of that favorite game if your computer is lagging. The horror! If you’re serious about gaming, consider the ideas in this article to achieve your next personal best.

The gaming industry is moving to Triple-A titles. Think Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. These AAA video games are the equivalent of blockbuster movies. They take months to years for massive teams of people to develop, everything about such games is ambitious (even the price!). The graphics and animation are more immersive, the storylines offer hours of content and encourage open exploration, and the games have a grander scale and improved sound design, too.

All that requires more from your computer. Depending on the age of your computer, you may not need to replace it to power the latest, greatest games. Or you could upgrade to a more powerful video card. Adding more random access memory (RAM) might also take a computer up to the Triple-A level.

Troubleshooting the Home-Gaming PC

Whether you're trying the Triple A game or not, you may run into other problems. A screen locks up, a system crashes, or you see weird graphics or wonky textures in a game. You shoot an opponent with a direct hit, and he takes the win. Any of these problems can ruin your gaming experience.Various issues cause these headaches for home gamers. Regrettably, they can be difficult to diagnose.

The problems might be tied to:·        

  • Overheating – modify your power settings, and make sure the computer is getting enough air flow
  • Driver issues – games crashing could mean the latest video drivers aren't installed
  • File corruption – reinstalling the game could help
  • An unstable internet connection – consider moving to a wired ethernet connection.

Running too many programs on your PC can also cause games to run less smoothly. Close out other programs. Free up disk space if you can. Also, putting the game’s graphics on a lower setting can make them less resource-intensive.

Build Your Own Gaming PC

If you decide it’s time to get a new gaming PC, a popular option now is to custom-build your own. Our experts can do that for you! When you customize your own gaming PC, you get a computer that matches exactly what you’re trying to do.Don’t settle for a sale computer using lower-quality parts and offering limited upgradability. Avoid buying a brand-name computer pre-loaded with bloatware. Instead, our technician can help you pick the processing and other parts to personalize your system, even down to the color of the fans or console lights.

Our IT experts can bring your PC up to speed, get you back in the game at full power, and build you the perfect customized PC. Contact us today at 715-669-6136!

Joseph Smoczyk

Owner | Senior Technician

Joe started out his career in the computer business, helping people with minor repairs and software help. Joe worked at Scott’s Computing for six years before marrying his wife Tiffany in 2010. The two of them then began working for their own company, DeepCore5 Consulting. In 2014, Joe and Tiffany went full-time with Yellowstone Computing and have since become an indispensable part of the Clark and Taylor Counties community. Due to the increasing demand for their services, Joe has expanded Yellowstone Computing by hiring new techs - each with different stages of learning and expertise. With this new expansion, Joe is committed to providing the best possible service to the people of Clark and Taylor Counties.